About Us

We’re a game development startup focusing on cross-platform esports titles. Our goal is to provide equal opportunity to all the passionate gamers for esports and streaming. To learn more about our games follow us on social media. For investment and business opportunities please shoot us an email and we will get back to you.




About the Game

Artha is a card battle game with enhanced gameplay focusing on choosing various cards with abilities and the board. The game comes up with prebuilt card decks and players can create their custom decks as well. There are three categories at the moment including Warriors, creatures, and magicians. There are four levels/tables to play on. Each of them has a unique layout and limitations to make a unique experience. All the cards have weights. The stronger and the unique card is the more weight it has and it helps to shuffle the deck.

Game Features:

-Multiple collectible cards with abilities.
-Various boards
-Custom deck creation.
-Free updates with unique features.
-DLC is full of unique cards and decks.